The Azores

The Azores archipelago is constituted by nine stunning islands to be discovered in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Each island is characterized by its specificity, whether by gastronomy, traditions, history, architecture or, simply, by its unmistakable natural beauty. The green of intact nature mixed with the blue of the infinite sea of a sky with pure air and tranquility, make the Azores an authentic oasis to be discover and visit.

São Miguel is the largest island in the Azores archipelago, both in territory and in population. The island's main airport is João Paulo II and is located in Ponta Delgada, 20 minutes away by car from Ribeira Grande city. With a variety of fun activities, restaurants and breathtaking natural beauty, locals (Micaelenses) often tell visitors that - “those who visit São Miguel, visit all the Azores islands” - in a clear allusion to the odd beauties scattered throughout island.

The municipality of Ribeira Grande is on the north side of the island of São Miguel and is also the only municipality on the island that interconnects with the rest, having a central location that allows guests to visit the best places on the island by making short trips by car.

The city of Ribeira Grande is characterized by being a city where land, sea, nature and history mix in a picture of perfect harmony, owning a sea coast characterized by its long beaches of volcanic sand and at south, the mountain that houses the famous volcano of Lagoa do Fogo. Ribeira Grande is a calm city that offers a unique rest to those who visit it.